Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

Welcome To The Official Website Of PUNISHERS LE/MC.

The Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood of law enforcement officers, court officers, correctional officers and other justice system professionals, EMS, Firefighters, military and likeminded individuals. Our foundation is laid by men who risk their lives everyday and serve each community that we represent..

Punishers LEMC is an old school motorcycle club whose traditions and beginnings date back to July 4, 1999 in New York USA. We have a tight bond of brotherhood among those who share our colors. We respect all colors, cuts and clubs and if respect is given, respect should be returned.

We are a non-profit organization who throughout each year raises money for different organizations and causes.

Our desire and goal is to exist to feel the freedom of the wind in our face, and help those who aren't fortunate enough to have that same feeling!